Brain Injuries to Children

A brain injury suffered by a person of any age is an extremely serious situation. Brain injuries suffered by children, however, can be particularly troublesome. This can be especially true of brain injuries to a very young child or an infant who is the victim of shaken baby syndrome or an accident that results in serious trauma to the brain.

Children who suffer traumatic brain injuries can be left to face a lifetime of hardship. Developmental issues, learning disabilities and memory problems are just the beginning of the setbacks children can suffer as the result of a serious brain injury early in life. When a child’s injury is suffered in an accident that happened due to the negligence of another, it can often create grounds for a personal injury claim.

If your child has suffered any kind of serious brain injury, you should have your case reviewed by a reputable personal injury lawyer immediately. No matter how the injury occurred, an attorney can advise you on your legal options and give you an honest assessment about the viability of your claim.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Child’s Future

At the law firm of Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum, I represent children whose futures have been compromised due to a traumatic brain injury. We work with a broad network of life-planning experts, medical specialists and others to help gain a complete understanding of the type of care your child will need in the short and long term. We work tirelessly to secure a settlement that accommodates all of your child’s current and future needs.

Our firm has experience handling child brain injury claims that arise from any type of accident, including the following:

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