Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum has built an impressive record of success for my clients. These results speak for themselves. See below for some of my past successes, as well as some of the media attention my results have attracted.

The newspaper stories shown elsewhere on this site tell only a small part of the story of the results that my firm has achieved for my clients. Because of my preparation and track record, many of my cases settle before or during trial and the results are not publicly reported. Described below are just some of examples of the other cases that I have handled and the results that I’ve obtained for my clients. Each case is, of course, dependent on its specific facts and, of course, past results cannot predict future outcomes. In each of the given examples, the amounts referred to are the actual amounts paid to my clients inclusive of cash and/or the present value of future payments including attorney’s fees.

I believe that my proven record of results for my clients compares favorably with any other law firm.

Note: some of these links contain more than one newspaper article about the same case.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Newspaper Clippings

Most of the results that I have obtained for my clients are not reported in the media. Many times I can take steps prevent the media from publicizing any information about their cases. Sometimes I can do this by use of a confidential settlement agreement. I encourage you to ask me what can be done to protect your privacy.

My firm has handled hundreds of other cases involving serious injuries from many different causes-medical malpractices, construction site accidents, electrocutions, motor vehicle cases, nursing homes, products liability and other. The one thing that they all have in common is that each case is given personal attention and that I seek the maximum possible recovery either by verdict or settlement.

Here are some of the kinds of cases I are currently handling:

  • Fall from scaffold
  • Serious burn injury from exploding gas can
  • Birth injuries from failure to recognize and respond to fetal distress
  • Nursing home failure to treat bed sores/pressure ulcers leading to death
  • Birth injury as the result of misuse of Misoprostol leading to maternal death and brain injury to the baby
  • Failure of EMT’s to stabilize a patient’s neck before transporting to the hospital resulting in quadriplegia
  • Death of physician from malpractice