How Do I Know if a Lawyer is Capable of Handling a Catastrophic Injury Case?

When You Have a Lot at Stake, Choose Wisely

If you have been catastrophically injured and are considering pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, your choice of an attorney could make a world of difference to the outcome of your case.

At the Albany-based law firm of Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum, my attorneys exclusively handle catastrophic and fatal accident cases. I believe that people who have suffered major harm deserve to be represented by attorneys with qualities like the following:

  • Experience: There is a steep learning curve in catastrophic injury cases, which differ from other personal injury cases in several key ways. Hiring an attorney with real trial experience in handling cases of this type also shows that you are serious and expect to be taken seriously. Each of my attorneys has at least 25 years of experience, including extensive trial experience.
  • Knowledge: Lawyers are not doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists, economists or actuaries, but lawyers who handle catastrophic injury cases need to know enough about those fields to identify which questions need to be asked and which issues need to be investigated. My attorneys have gained wide-ranging knowledge within my areas of practice.
  • Reputation: Lawyers quickly learn which of their fellow lawyers they can rely on for advice on difficult cases. My attorneys play key roles in professional associations dedicated to catastrophic injuries and are frequently called upon by professional and educational organizations to lecture on sophisticated topics.
  • Resources: Detailed accident investigations, thorough medical evaluations and top-notch expert witnesses can make a major difference in catastrophic injury cases. Unfortunately, many lawyers, even if they want to do the right thing for their clients, cannot afford to invest the time and resources needed to build solid cases. I can.
  • Results: No two cases are the same, and past successes are no guarantee of the results your attorney will be able to achieve in your case. A history of repeated success, however, demonstrates that a lawyer is prepared to take on major defendants in high-stakes cases involving substantial damages. My results speak for themselves.

If you have suffered a life-changing injury, you have only one opportunity to get fully compensated, and your decisions about which lawyer you hire can make a big difference. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with an experienced, dedicated attorney. You will not pay any fees or expenses unless I help you recover money damages.