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The spinal cord is one of the most complex parts of the human body, conveying information back and forth between the brain and most of the other organs. Any amount of damage to the spinal cord can have serious consequences, including permanent disability and death.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, the Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum may be able to help you get compensated for the harm that has been done to you.

Seeking the Compensation You Need for the Present and Future

Spinal cord injuries have a wide range of causes, including motor vehicle accidents, other trauma, infection and meningitis. Depending on the amount of damage to the spinal cord and the location of that damage, a spine injury can have a number of different results, including the following:

  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia: The most severe spinal cord injuries are those that cause people to suffer general loss of motor function and sensation below the level of the injury, typically resulting in permanent paraplegia or quadriplegia.
  • Partial paralysis: Spinal cord injuries can also cause people to suffer partial paralysis that may be localized in specific parts of the body, often severely limiting motion.
  • Decreased bodily function: Spinal cord injuries can result in a number of bodily function complications, including, but not limited to, difficulties regulating the cardiovascular system, loss of bowel and bladder function, and muscle atrophy.

All of these injuries can have permanent consequences. In order to obtain full compensation for you, your attorney will need to be prepared to demonstrate, with the help of credible expert witnesses, the impact that your injuries will have on you for the rest of your life.

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