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Albany Construction Site Falling Object Accident Lawyer

In New York, property owners and general contractors involved in construction projects have a legal responsibility to protect workers from the serious injuries that can be caused by falling objects. When a worker is injured by a falling object a contractor or project manager can be responsible for the worker’s injuries, earning losses and medical expenses.

At the Albany law firm of Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum, my Upstate New York falling object injury lawyers have the experience and resources to fight for maximum compensation for workers injured or killed by falling objects. Recoverable damages from a worker injured at a construction site may also include loss of services and guidance to the injured workers family.

Seeking Compensation for Injured Workers and Their Families

New York State recognizes that falling objects are a major cause of serious injuries on construction sites. Workers are at risk when tools, building materials, and other debris falls. The law requires that contractors have pro active safety programs which identify and secure objects which may potentially create a falling object risk for workers at a construction site.

Under New York Labor Law Section 240 and 241, general contractors and property owners must make sure that workers are protected from falling objects.

Albany Attorney for a Construction Site Falling Object Injury

In New York State, the legislature allows injured construction workers to seek financial recovery beyond the relatively limited worker’s compensation benefits. A third party construction accident law suit allows recovery measured as the full amount of damages incurred by the injured worker. Importantly, in certain instances, worker fault may not constitute a defense to a construction worker injury.

If your accident was caused by a falling object, you or your family may be eligible to bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim, in addition to any claim you may have under workers’ compensation law.

If you have been seriously injured or have lost a loved one in an accident caused by a falling object on a construction site, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your case with an experienced attorney at no cost or obligation. You will pay no fees or expenses unless you are compensated.