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The diagnosis of disease is one of the most important aspects of the medical profession. The timing of a diagnosis can affect the amount of harm suffered by a patient before he or she begins treatment. Ultimately, it can mean the difference between life and death.

When doctors do not follow the correct diagnostic procedures, they can be held accountable for the consequences. At the law firm of Law offices of Sanford Rosenblum, my Albany misdiagnosis lawyers pursue malpractice claims against negligent medical professionals.

Did You Miss Out on Important Treatment Due to a Diagnosis Error?

Misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis can deny a patient the opportunity to get effective treatment for a condition before it gets worse. Diagnosis errors can have particularly severe consequences in the case of serious illnesses such as the following:

  • Cancer: Any delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer or any other cancer can have a major impact on a patient’s likelihood of making a full recovery.
  • Heart attack, stroke and embolism: All of these conditions are medical emergencies that must be identified and treated promptly when patients have associated symptoms.
  • Sepsis and meningitis: Once a bacterial or viral infection proceeds to the point of sepsis or meningitis, a failure to diagnose the patient’s condition can have major consequences, including serious brain injury, cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, blindness and death.

Doctors may fail to diagnose their patients’ conditions for any number of reasons, including failure to follow the established diagnostic process and inadequate communication among different medical professionals.

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