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Infection is one of the leading causes of death in American hospitals. Any doctor who treats a patient who is at risk of infection needs to take reasonable steps to determine whether that patient has become septic. A failure to do so may be medical malpractice.

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Seeking Compensation for Failure to Treat Infections

Any bacterial or viral infection is a serious matter and can have life-threatening consequences. If an infection is not diagnosed and treated quickly enough, it can become life-threatening. The following are some of the most dangerous consequences of infection:

  • Sepsis: This term refers to infection throughout the body in the blood. Sepsis that is not treated promptly can quickly elevate to more severe states.
  • Encephalitis: This term refers to infection or inflammation of the brain. It has a number of different causes and can have severe consequences if not treated promptly and appropriately.
  • Meningitis: This is an infection of the membranes and spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. Because it affects such critical parts of the body, it is extremely serious.

The medical profession has standards for determining when patients should be treated for suspected infections on an emergency basis. For instance, if a child has a temperature of over 102 degrees and certain other signs, he or she should be promptly evaluated with standard lab tests and possibly treated with antibiotics.

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