New York Catastrophic Injury Attorney

New York Catastrophic Injury Attorney

In an accident that involves a catastrophic injury, the victim’s suffering is, by far, the most significant. What is often lost in these cases, however, is the impact on the victim’s family. As much as a catastrophic injury can change the victim’s life, that change is felt in a very significant way by his or her family as well.

In the process of seeking compensation for catastrophic injuries, attorneys should be considering the family’s needs as much as the victim’s. Although families are not typically awarded damages when a loved one is injured, there are a many different types of damages that can be awarded to the victim which greatly benefit the family. These may include compensation for in-home care, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

These types of damages can help to ensure that the victim receives the medical care his or her family may not be able to fulfill as well as providing the financial support necessary to ensure that the victim is able to have an active role in the family and live a normal life to the fullest extent possible.

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My firm has successfully represented clients in a variety of catastrophic injury claims, including the following:

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